Lesson 1: Building a Road Network

Objective:  To build a road network for the streets.shp file in '\MAPS\ROUTING'.


Please see the Road Networks chapter about building road networks.


  1. Start the Road Network Builder utility and open the streets.shp file.

  2. Select 'Decimal Degrees' in the 'Map units' combo-box.

  3. Next, we need to set speed limits for each street. The streets.dbf file has the FCC field, which contains the US Census Feature Classification Codes for each street in the streets.shp file. To associate these codes with real speed values, click the 'Load road classes...' button and open the FCC.ini file in '\MAPS\ROUTING'. This file contains the estimated speed limits for each Feature Classification Code.

  4. You are now ready to build the road network for the streets.shp shapefile. The settings you made in the previous steps should be the same as in this picture:



Click the 'Build road network' button to build the road network.


5 (optional). Open the 'Turn Restrictions' tab and select the streets.shp file as the road map file and the streets_restrictions.xml file in '\MAPS\ROUTING' as the turn restrictions XML file. Select the RECNUM field as the segment ID field. The RECNUM field uniquely identifies the roads segments in the streets.shp file.



Click the 'Build turn restrictions index' button.


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