Getting Started


AspMap enables Web applications to present optimal travel routes (based on distance or time) and generate turn-by-turn driving directions. With AspMap, there is no need to depend on expensive routing databases, because you can work directly with street data you already own.


AspMap creates a topological road network - a representation of the underlying vector road map. This road network keeps track of what links are connected to which nodes and to other links. AspMap always loads the road network into memory before doing calculations. For more information on how to build road networks, see the Road Networks chapter.


You can create your routes by using TAB files or Shapefiles. Routing objects (road segments, streets, etc.) are created with a default speed that you specify, unless your data has an attribute that describes the classification of each object within your map.

You can obtain directions between two routing objects by selecting a starting and ending point. This will return an array of inclusive segment numbers along the path of selected route, based on time or distance optimization.  


The best way to start with AspMap is to work with the samples included and to follow the Tutorial. These samples show how to create basic applications that calculate distances between places and generate turn-by-turn driving directions.



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