AspMap creates a topological road network - a representation of the underlying vector road map. The road network keeps track of what links are connected to which nodes and to other links.


The picture below shows the result of converting a road map into a road network:



Correctly setting up the road network is critical to an accurate use of AspMap. Incorrectly set up, AspMap may give inaccurate results or no results at all. We recommend that you fully understood this chapter before using AspMap.


AspMap includes the Road Network Builder utility that lets you build road networks. This utility is located in the AspMap installation directory (NETBLD.EXE) and in the AspMap Program Folder. You can also use the NetworkBuilder class to create road networks.


This chapter explains how to use the Road Network Builder utility and is organized into five steps:


Step 1: Setting Up a Road Map

Step 2: Setting Up Road Speed

Step 3: Setting Up One-way and Closed Roads

Step 4: Building a Road Network

Step 5: Building Turn Restrictions


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