Step 3: Setting Up One-way and Closed Roads

The Road Network Builder utility can specify one-way and closed roads. To do this, your road map should contain a field that specifies if a road segment is one-way or is closed. The sample roads.shp file has the ONEWAY field that contains one of the following values for each road segment:


  1. FT - indicates the road segment can be traveled in the digitized direction only (a digitized direction is the direction from a starting point to ending point of a segment).

  2. TF - indicates the road segment can only be traveled in the opposite direction to the digitized direction.

  3. N - is a closed road.

  4. An empty field is a road segment that can be traveled in either direction.


Checkmark the 'One-way Roads' check box, select the ONEWAY field in the 'One-way road field' combo-box and enter any value above into the fields:




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