Step 1: Setting Up a Road Map

In order to use AspMap a vector road or 'line' map is required. The map must be topologically correct and should be classified by type (e.g. highways, major roads, urban streets, etc.). The Road Network Builder utility builds road networks from vector maps such as industry standard TAB files and Shapefiles.


In this chapter we will build a road network for the roads.shp shapefile found in the '<AspMap installation directory>/DATA/MAPS/ROUTING' directory.


1. Start the Road Network Builder utility:


2. Click the 'Browse...' button, find the roads.shp file in the '<AspMap installation directory>/DATA/MAPS/ROUTING' directory, and click the 'Open' button.



3. Because the map units of the roads.shp file are feet, select 'Feet' in the 'Map units' combo-box.




It is essential that you know the map units of your map data so you correctly set the 'Map units' combo-box because this setting is used to calculate distances between nodes in the road network.



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