Specifies map tools supported by a Map.

Namespace: ActualMap.Windows
Assembly: ActualMap (in ActualMap.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Enum MapTool
public enum MapTool
public enum class MapTool
public enum MapTool
public enum MapTool


Member NameDescription
PolygonAllows users to draw a polygon.
PolylineAllows users to draw a polyline.
LineAllows users to draw a line.
PanAllows users to grab the map and pan it in any direction.
EditShapeAllows users to edit vertices of a shape drawn by the DrawShape tool or selected for editing by the EditShape method. The DrawShape tool can be used with the EditShape tool to add new parts to the shape.
DrawShapeAllows users to draw a (multi-part) shape. The shape type of new shapes is specified by the NewShapeType property. This tool also can be used to add new parts to the shape selected by the EditShape method.
RectangleAllows users to draw a rectangle.
PointAllows users to click on the map and select features at a point.
DistanceAllows users to measure distances.
InfoAllows users to retrieve information about features at mouse click.
CenterAllows users to center the map at the location where mouse was clicked.
ZoomOutAllows users to zoom out by clicking on the map.
ZoomInAllows users to zoom in by either clicking on a map or drawing a rectangle.
CircleAllows users to draw a circle.

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