A Map control displays a collection of layers.

Namespace: ActualMap.Windows
Assembly: ActualMap (in ActualMap.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Map
    Inherits Control
    Implements IEnumerable
public class Map : Control, IEnumerable
ref class Map : Control, IEnumerable
public class Map extends Control implements IEnumerable
public class Map extends Control, IEnumerable


With a Map control, you can add and remove layers with the AddLayer, RemoveLayer, and RemoveAllLayers methods. You can change layer order with the MoveLayer method. The LayerCount property returns the number of layers currently in the map. To access each layer in the collection, use the Layer property. You can zoom in and zoom out features in your map using the ZoomIn and ZoomOut methods.

A Map control also stores information about the map such as the BackColor, Extent, and FullExtent properties.

You can convert between world and image coordinate system with the ToMapPoint and FromMapPoint methods.

You can save the map image into a file using the GetBitmap method.

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