The AnimationLayer class contains a collection of GeoEvent objects.

The following tables list the members exposed by AnimationLayer.

Public Properties

  Name Description
Public property Count Returns the number of items in the AnimationLayer.
Public property Item Gets or sets a GeoEvent within the AnimationLayer.
Public property Opacity Returns or sets opacity of AnimationLayer shapes.
Public property Visible Gets or sets a value indicating whether the geo events are visible or hidden.

Public Methods

  Name Description
Public method Add Adds a GeoEvent object to the AnimationLayer.
Public method Clear Removes all GeoEvents of the AnimationLayer.
Public method FindEvent Finds a GeoEvent object on the AnimationLayer using its Tag.
Public method Identify Returns a GeoEvent that intersects the specified point.
Public method Refresh Forces a complete repaint of the AnimationLayer.
Public method Remove Removes the specified GeoEvent from the AnimationLayer.

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