The Symbol class consists of attributes that control how to represent features.

Namespace: ActualMap
Assembly: ActualMap (in ActualMap.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Symbol
public class Symbol
ref class Symbol
public class Symbol
public class Symbol


Depending on the kind of feature (layer) you're working with, you can specify the particular style and attributes of the Symbol.

For example, you can specify the interior color and fill pattern of a polygon with the FillColor, and FillStyle properties. The outline color and style of a line are programmable with the LineStyle and LineColor properties. The style of a point is programmable with the PointStyle, LineColor and FillColor properties. Line width, point size are controlled with the Size property.

By setting the FillStyle to the FillStyle.Bitmap constant, you can use the Bitmap property to add a bitmap texture as the interior fill pattern of a polygon. Similarly, by setting the PointStyle to the PointStyle.Bitmap constant, you can use the Bitmap property to symbolize a point with a custom bitmap symbol.

By setting the PointStyle property to the PointStyle.Font constant, you can use the PointFont property to specify a font of the point. The CharIndex property is used to specify a particular character code of the font.

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