The Route class is used when calculating the distance, drive time, and quickest or shortest route between two or more points.

Namespace: ActualMap
Assembly: ActualMap (in ActualMap.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Route
    Implements IDisposable
public class Route : IDisposable
ref class Route : IDisposable
public class Route implements IDisposable
public class Route extends IDisposable


The Route class is also used when generating turn-by-turn driving directions and highlighting the route on a map. The Route class contains information about each individual turn, such as street name, direction, and distance as well as a binary representation of the route.

Use the FindRoute method to find a route between any two points. The route is made up of segments that correspond to road segments in the road network. The Count property returns the total number of road segments in the route. Use the Segments property to obtain information about each road segment.

The RouteDistance property is the distance of the complete route. Use the RouteTime property to get the estimated time of travel of the complete route in seconds.

The MergeSegments method groups individual road segments into streets to help you generate driving directions. After executing the MergeSegments method, use the Count property to get the total number of streets and the Streets property to obtain information about each street.

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