The DataTableLayer class provides access to spatial data stored in a DataTable.

Namespace: ActualMap.Data
Assembly: ActualMap (in ActualMap.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class DataTableLayer
    Inherits SpatialDatabaseLayer
public class DataTableLayer : SpatialDatabaseLayer
ref class DataTableLayer : SpatialDatabaseLayer
public class DataTableLayer extends SpatialDatabaseLayer
public class DataTableLayer extends SpatialDatabaseLayer


This class can be used to visualize the result of a custom spatial/attribute query against a spatial database.

The DataTable should contain a column that stores feature geometry that conforms to the OpenGIS Well-Known Binary (WKB) format.

The extent of database layers is not calculated automatically for performance reasons. If you use only database layers in your application, you should set the Extent property before adding the layer to the map.

By default, the extent of database layers is set to (-180,90,180,-90) (units are decimal degrees). The coordinate system is set to WGS 1984 (EPSG/SRID code is 4326).

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Public static (Shared in Visual Basic)staticShared members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe.

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