AspMap 4.6.1 released

This maintenance release contains the following:

  • TileLayer.OffscreenTiles property - specifies the number of offscreen tiles (contiguous to the currently displayed tiles) which will be preloaded asynchronously.
  • Markers class:
    Extent property
    Position property
    Tooltip property
    Content property
    Symbol property
  • The performance of the session handling code is increased.
  • Fix: Map shapes are now displayed properly with maps that contain a BackgroundLayer only.
  • Fix: A minor problem with the visibility of background layers is fixed.
  • Fix: Keyboard and mouse handlers are now disabled if the Map.Enabled property is False.
  • Fix: A problem with the WkbData property and large polygonal shapes is fixed.
  • Fix: A minor problem with non-disappeared tooltips from GeoEvent objects is fixed.
  • Fix: Single bar charts and charts with null data are now displayed properly.
  • Fix: A problem with the Krovak projection is fixed.
  • Fix: A minor problem with the registration of the client-side JavaScript AJAX classes is fixed.
Posted by VDS Technologies Friday, March 23, 2012 11:10:00 AM

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